French Formula 1 Winners

Drivers who dedicate their lives to Formula 1 racing are some of the toughest in the world. They must endure long races that require high rates of speed, all while maintaining intense focus. French drivers have a track record of being some of the best int he business. They have a sharp knowledge of what a car needs to be successful, and they work with their team to ensure the best possible result. Communication is the key, and French drivers have shown a willingness to work hard in order to get the best possible results. One of the best known Formula 1 drivers is Alain Prost.

Alain Prost secured his place in the world of Formula 1 racing by being competitive and successful on the circuit. He was born on February 24, 1955, near Saint Chamond. During his very first season, he finished high in the points four different times. Unfortunately, he also suffered through several accidents. During these accidents he broke his wrist, and he suffered a concussion. His first Formula 1 victory came during the French Grand Prix at Dijon. After he won this race, he underwent a dramatic change in mindset. While he used to openly wonder when he might win a race, he soon found himself expecting to win. This placed pressure on his entire team to perform.

Jacques Villeneuve made a name for himself with his fiery spirit and undying dedication to the sport of Formula 1 racing. In 1997 he won seven races, taking the title from the famous Michael Schumacher in the process. During one race, Schumacher attempted to ram Villeneuve off of the track, but he was unsuccessful. This led to a dramatic win, and it made the people of France extremely proud of their driver. His penchant for taking risk, combined with his desire for more speed, made him a fan favourite. He thrived when the stakes were at their highest, and he loved to push the envelope, even sacrificing his own safety in the process.

Race fans love to watch French drivers because they have a flair for the dramatic. They know how to pull off seemingly impossible wins at the most unlikely times. Their driving prowess keeps spectators on the edges of their seats. French race teams search for the perfect driver; one who takes calculated risks, and who shows courage on the track. A quality driver is one that is willing to put his life on the line for the sport that he loves. All drivers understand that there is a risk every time they step inside the cockpit of a car. French drivers are able to assess the risk while maintaining a competitive edge on the circuit.