Formula 1 Cars

The cars that Formula 1 drivers use are engineered for performance and speed. They can take sharp turns at extremely high speeds, and they are able to work under a variety of weather conditions. French racers usually drive cars from the following manufacturers: Toyota, Ferrari, and BRM. These machines are sleek and fast, but they must meet certain guidelines in order to be race ready and legal for competition. There have been a number of fatalities over the years, regardless of the safety measures put into place to prevent them from happening. This is why Formula 1 racers are some of the most talented in the entire world.

Race teams are responsible for preparing and maintaining the car for the duration of the race. Adjustments must be made by the team to keep the car and driver competitive when things are not going their way. Sometimes the pit crews must do quick tire changes, oil replacements, and of course, gas refills. The strategy employed during these stops is critical to the overall success of the team. However, pit crews place their lives in danger every time they step onto the track. Each team member has a specific role to follow, and he must stay completely focused.

Driver competitiveness goes a long way in terms of track success, but the car that he drives must be mechanically sound. Unfortunately, some racers have been caught cheating over the years. In some cases, these indiscretions were accidental. In others, teams tried to hide the advantage from race officials. During the 1980’s, more stringent rules were put into place regarding changes to the cars. Post-race inspections became much more common for the winners. Repeat winners were subjected to much more scrutiny. Car length measurements are one of the main issues that race officials must consider.

NASCAR race drivers and Formula 1 drivers have much in common, but the racing styles are different. Stock cars on the NASCAR circuit do not travel nearly as fast as those on the Formula 1 circuit. Some drivers, such as Juan Pablo Montoya and Danica Patrick, have made the leap from Formula 1 to NASCAR. These drivers struggled to make the transition to NASCAR because of the vast differences in the cars that they drive. The racing styles are much different as well, as teammates rely on each other much more in NASCAR races.