An Intriguing French Grand Prix

The French Grand Prix is one of the most celebrated Formula 1 races in the entire world. The circuit’s unique track layout truly gives every driver a chance to be successful. Hair-pin turns and long straightaways provide the ultimate fan excitement. it is a track that requires drivers to be goos at navigating tight corners, but also good at managing their fuel and speeds in open areas. So, what makes an intriguing French Grand Prix? For starters, rivalries exist in the world of Formula 1 racing, and this makes the races much better. Wrecks frequently take place at the French race as well. This is a venue where the best come to race.

The 1906 French Grand Prix was one of the most spectacular races to date. In 1906 the race was primarily constructed of dirt roads sealed with tar. This certainly led to a fair share of mishaps and controversy. However, during the race, driver Paul Baras set the fastest lap on his very first lap. On the third lap, Szisz took the lead, and he held onto it until the finish. The hot conditions at the time melted the tar on the track, and this sprayed onto the drivers, thus blinding them. The Renault team made the car that won this race, and the victory directly contributed to an increase in sales for this French manufacturer.

So, what else makes an intriguing French Grand Prix? Rivalries are one of the main attractions. Nobody will forget the fierce rivalry between Nicky Lauda and James Hunt. These drivers routinely sparred on the track over the span of just a few years. Their competitive fire often left the track. This meant that great pre and post-race press conferences were the norm. Both drivers frequently took jabs at one another during these live question sessions. The fans ate it up, and more people started watching Formula 1 racing than ever before.

Wrecks are an undeniable truth in the world of car racing. They happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common are driver error and car malfunctions. Although a wreck at a high rate of speed is scary to watch, most fans simply cannot turn away when they do take place. This element of danger is what keeps the fans coming back or more on a consistent basis. They endure harsh conditions to see these speedy machines brazenly navigate through water and other treacherous conditions. The competition between drivers is what really keeps people interested in the French Grand Prix. It is a race that has a storied history, and the winners are forever etched in the record books. A French Grand Prix is a true sight to behold.